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Hero Story: Victor Evora

American Veteran

Looking back on his time served as a Service Specialist stationed at Kelly Airforce Base in Texas and his eight years as an Engineering Duty Officer at the Naval Reserves, Victor Evora says “the best part of working in the Air Force was the camaraderie I had with my friends. I still talk to my three best friends from the Air Force 35 years later. All three of them retired from the Air Force and now they have Civilian jobs and we still keep in touch after all these years.”

Growing up, Evora always wanted to be a pilot and had a fascination for air crafts and the Air Force. Wanting to make that dream come true, Evora “figured I would go into the Air Force and eventually and study to become an officer and then become a pilot. That was initially what I thought I wanted to do but it turned out differently.” After serving in the Air Force for three years, Evora decided to enroll in the Naval Reserves 10 years later.

Crediting his time served in the Air Force, Evora feels that the meticulous training he underwent has shaped him into the man he is today. “To this day — I’m 54 years old — and even though I joined the Air Force when I was 17, I think there are certain things that I still do 35 years later. I still do them because things I did as a young person in the Air Force like the training, discipline and attention to detail, stick with you.” Evora said.

When applying to Civilian jobs outside of the military, Evora says that his experience in both the Air Force and Naval Reserves helped him with his applications. “It was a great thing to have served in the military, it was always looked upon as something positive and my military experienced helped me with every job I applied for after I left the Air Force,” said Evora.

Noting camaraderie as one of the best parts of working in the military, it’s no surprise that Evora holds those who’ve served close to his heart and supports them on their current endeavors, whether it be still working in the field or working in a Civilian job. Evora explains “I have the greatest admiration and respect for those who served in the military. Especially those who are in places like Iraq or Afghanistan, or who served in a combat zone, my hat’s off to them, always.”

Passionate about the importance in supporting veterans and military personnel, Evora knows firsthand the many sacrifices that were made by those who have served for our country. “It’s important to support those who have served for the United States of America. It’s the greatest country in the world because of the sacrifices it’s veterans have done over the course of many wars and military campaigns — it’s part of what makes this country the greatest.”

Returning to his roots in the military after taking some time off, Evora is now a Mechanical Engineer at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Rhode Island. “Being a veteran really helped me because it’s in line with what I do today in support of the Department of Defense and it’s also in line with my contributions that I started doing for the United States military way back when I first joined the Air Force and subsequently the Naval Reserves,” Evora said. “I’m very proud to be a veteran and I couldn’t be happier to be a veteran for the United States of America.”

To find out more about Victor Evora’s hero story, watch the video below:

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