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35' Elite Series Fractional Tape Measure

  • Survives 200' drops onto packed dirt to guarantee performance on the world's toughest job sites.
  • 12' NO BS Standout at 15° delivers up to 15' of reach in real world job site applications.
  • Dual-sided printed blade with fractional markings for faster and simpler measuring and layout work.
  • High visibilty black on white printed blade maximizes contrast for easier reading in low light or with imperfect eyesight.
  • 6" of Tape Plate™ blade end protection extends blade life in hostile environments.
  • MIL-X hyper tough nylon coated blade for high abrasion resistance and 2X blade durability.
  • Non-slip bat wing hook holds fast in multiple orientations.
  • SRS retention system and wrist lanyard compatible for added safety 
  • Secure Fast™ blade lock for easier use.
  • Spec Ops Five Star hassle-free limited lifetime warranty with 24/7 App and online support.
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About This Item

At Spec Ops Tools, we weren’t satisfied with a “tough” tape measure. We wanted to redefine durability for the entire industry; That’s what we had in mind when we developed our Elite Series Tape Measure. This beast survives drops from over 200’ and rises out of the dirt battle-ready.

We were tired of competitors inventing elaborate ways to exaggerate their tape measure standout, so we advertise 12' NO BS Standout at 15°. That’s not some trick with smoke and mirrors or vertical angles, that’s real standout and real utility for ultimate jobsite performance.

We’ve designed our tape with a white, double-sided, printed blade for better contrast and visibility. Now you can easily read the tape, even in overhead measurements. That tape blade also comes MIL-X treated with the first 6” coated with durable Tape Plate™, so your tape survives abrasion 2X versus untreated blades.

Our blade hook is a “bat-wing” style so it will grip measured surfaces on either side. Hook also comes with burrs to grasp the edge of whatever you’re measuring securely and not let go during use. Tape is lanyard-ready for safe use when working overhead or on elevated surfaces.

Fractional read-outs included on top-side of tape blade for faster measurements and enhanced accuracy. 

Backed by our Spec Ops Five-Star hassle-free limited lifetime warranty, you can trust in the long-term reliability and performance of this premium tape measure. We are committed to excellence, just as we are committed to supporting those who serve our nation. With each purchase, we proudly donate 3% of our proceeds to veteran and first responder causes.


UPC 810005201322
Color Flat Dark Earth/Black
Material Military Grade Composite
Height 3.2"
Width 3.3"
Blade Width 1 1/4-in
Lanyard Compatible Yes
Drop Tested Yes
Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty
Blade Material MIL-X™ Coated
Blade Length 35-ft
Blade Standout 12-ft
Belt Clip Yes
Blade Color White
Blade Markings Double-Sided
Hook Style Multi-Position

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