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The Bunker Blog | Spec Ops Tools

Spec Ops Tools Announces Corporate Sponsorship with the Green Beret Foundation

Spec Ops Tools and Green Beret Foundation

Spec Ops Tools announced a new partnership with the Green Beret Foundation (GBF), becoming a Force Multiplier to provide critical resources and funding to support the U.S. Army Special Forces Regiment and its families.

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Job Resources for Veterans Returning to the Workforce

Military veterans discussing job resources

Military veterans can face many challenging issues when transitioning back into a civilian lifestyle, with looking for employment being at the top of the list.

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12 Brands That Support Veteran Causes

man holding coffee mug with American flag

From Vodka and coffee to socks and cleaning supplies, the list of products you can purchase that give back directly to veterans is endless. Many companies donate a percentage of sales to military and vets in need, while other companies will send one product to a vet for every product bought. Read on for more information about brands that support veteran causes.

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Best Defense Foundation: Creating Closure for Veterans

Army men standing in front of airplane

Veterans can face many challenging issues when transitioning back into a civilian lifestyle. From applying to jobs and re-establishing relationships with family and friends to creating new routines and structure, they need support when facing these unique challenges. But something that veterans don’t often get is the one thing they need the most: closure.

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9 Ways to Give Back to First Responders

Firefighters fighting fire with hose and water

First responders not only put themselves on the front lines during the most trying times, but they also give back to their communities on a regular basis. From donating to foundations and sending care packages, there are many ways we can repay first responders for their time spent both in and out of their uniforms.

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Hero Story: Robert Meunier Senior

American Veteran

Growing up in foster homes, Robert Meunier, Sr. credits his time in the Air Force for giving him the opportunity to not only go to college and take care of his son, but for also affording him the opportunity to make something of himself.

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The Evolution of Hand Tools

A line up of tools from new to old to show evolution of tools

Hand tools have been around for centuries and understanding their evolution can be informative. While some of these tools haven’t changed significantly over the years, many have maintained the same designs as when they were first invented.

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